Digital Marketing

Social Media Promotion, SEO, and Google Adsense

Digital Marketing is a term used to describe the marketing and promotion aspect of a website. SEO & Digital Marketing is a profession. People with this skill are in high demand
according to the recent research we conducted. You will be hired either as a freelancer or fulltime staff to manage company’s official Website, Promote it online and monetize it. Examples are Channels TV( )and TVC(, these two tv stations has full digital marketing features and has been monetized.
You will write and post SEO articles, and then promote it,
this way you drive decent traffic to the Website, afterwhich,  you apply for Google Adsense, once approved the website starts making money etc.

Module 1: Intro to Digital Marketing, Blogs & SEO

SEO tools, Sitemap, Social Media Promotions techniques, SEO techniques,
Directory Submission, On-page SEO, Submition to Webmasters, Creating your first
Blog, Creating your first post. Categories and Tags, Social Network Sharing Buttons,
Autopost, Reschedule Post, Email Lists Pop up, Embedded Newsletter,
Email Marketing etc.

Module 2: SEO Articles, Google Analytics/Adsense

Google keywords research, buying from, writing quality post, outsourcing
articles writing, Google Analytics, Google  Adwords, Alexa Ranking, Backlinks and
Authority Sites, Techniques for getting Google Adsense Approval in 2 months,
setting up your bank account for payment etc.

Note: This course is focussed on practical methods to get traffics
to website or blog and making money from it. Its possible to make
N400,000 every month after  the first 8months or thereabout of hardwork.

Projects at the end of Course
1. Create a Personal
Blog and Promote it to
have 2,000 Visitors per
day 3 weeks of set up.

2. Create your own
Website and monetize it.
This will make you money

Duration: 2 Months
Course Fee: N52,500 only   (Includes Webhosting Fee)
Module 1- 6weeks   25k
Module 2- 6weeks    40k