Certified Systems and Network Infrastructure Management(CSNIM) This Course leads to  A+ and N+ Certfication. It focuses on Computer, Laptop  Engineering  and Networking.

This course is intended for individuals who desire to become leading practitioners in Computer Systems Repair, Laptop engineering and Networking . Its exclusively prepare participants for a career in computer engineering with very high sense of confidence in their skill to  deliver technical jobs for their clients while working on their own and utilizing their link with the institution to become a full time consultant in this field. Our aim is to prepare the student for a real life use of these skill for instant use in their own business and to understand computer better.

Module 1:  Computer Engineering
*Computer Architecture & Accessories. *Operating System *.Installation Maintenance & Repair *Basic & Digital Electronic, *Repair on power pack, *monitor, *Printers, *            System Engineering
*Troubleshooting & Data recovery, * Software Engineering

Module 2:  Networking Engineering
*Network Models, *Client/Server Based Networking, *Peer-to-Peer Networking *Local and Wide Area Networks, *Transmission Media, *Network Topology and Architecture *Networking Cable Standard & Structured, * Cabling, *Outside Cable plant Architecture *Inside plant Cable Architecture, *Connectivity Device and Transfer Mechanism, *Transport   Protocol & Connections Services, *IP Addressing and Sub netting, *Wireless LAN (Ad Hoc  and Infrastructure) *Bridging Wireless and Wired Network, *Café Setup and Billing.

Module 3: Laptop Engineering
*Introduction to Laptop  Repairs, *Identification of laptop components, *  Disassembling,   Soldering &Desoldering, *Memorie and functions, *Screens and interface, *Types of Cards< *ROMs and Identification, *Types of Hard drives, *Types of processor, *Trouble shooting/repairs.

Projects at the end of Course
1. Create a Personal
Blog and Promote it to
have 2,000 Visitors per
day 3 weeks of set up.

2. Create your own
Website and monetize it.
This will make you money

Duration: 2 Months
Course Fee: N52,500 only   (Includes Webhosting Fee)
Module 1- 6weeks   25k
Module 2- 6weeks    40k