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    A 24 hours Anonymous Fraud and Ethics snitch hotline Fraud is defined as “the use of one’s occupation for personal gain through the deliberate misuse or theft of the employing organization’s resources or assets” – Association of certified Fraud Examiners.

    Fraud prevention and detection is therefore a control objective that should be of serious concern to any discerning organization. Financial Audit procedures are not highly effective at detecting frauds. Statistics from 2002, 2004 and 2006 show that only 10% of frauds were detected by financial audit procedures. These procedures are designed to detect material misstatements, not immaterial frauds.

    Fraud always cost the victim organization: Revenue, assets or resources.

    As you study this document, fraud is still the crime of choice. Remember Enron, worldcom, Adelphia. Could your organization be at the risk of being sucked down the drain?

    Total cost of fraud worldwide is estimated to run as much as ten percent of global economic output-trillion of dollars! – ACFE

    46% of occupational frauds are discovered by tips, 20% by accident the remaining 1/3 must be discovered by techniques associated with academic training such as internal and external audit procedures or internal control measures:

    At Control Ideas we are prepared to actively pursue and recommend appropriate policies, procedures (controls) to prevent and detect fraud. Learn from us how 46% of occupational frauds and other unethical practices are discovered by tips.

    So if you are serious about fraud and control as we are, contact us and join the growing number of firms and organization in the country and West African sub-region that have already subscribed to our 24hours anonymous fraud and Ethics hotline.